Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah.....Day 3

On Day 3 we had to get an early start, because we had a full day a head of us. First we went to Fort Pulaski on Tybee. Walking up to the Fort the kids found a cool old tree with a huge limb sticking out of it to sit on.

The view of the fort walking up to it.

Entering the Fort. It even had its own mote..... with alligators in it. We did not see any this day, but there were signs posting they were there.

We explored the underground tunnels.

We saw a cute little girl sitting in the window.... Oh wait!!! That's one of ours. Karlton had set the kids up in front of this window to take a picture.

The view out the window.

Standing up on the top of the fort looking down.

Wow! Do you think it took this many people to fire one of these cannons!

This was the southern wall. All these holes in the wall were from the Civil War.... after being hit by cannon balls and high powered riffles.

There are still several HUGE bullets in the walls, lodged in the the bricks. How cool is that to see remnants of the Civil War still in place untouched!

After the fort we went to The Crab Shack on Tybee for lunch. While the experience is cool they are truly over priced on their food. They do have lots of little alligators.........

It is open air it is very messy, with birds, and things falling out of the trees all over you ,and that day was freezing because the wind coming off the water!......

They also have parrots in their gift shop. This parrots name was Razzle Dazzle.... He loved Karlton and kept telling him "tricks" and he would do tricks for Karlton. Karlton would praise him and cheer for him and this went on and on! Then he came over for for Karlton to pet him. This was a loving bird!!! He wanted to get on Karlton's arm soooo badly but the lady would not let him because of his claws.

We went to Wormsloe Plantation before heading back to Savannah. Remember me telling you about The Last Song? This is the plantation where Will lived, when he and Ronnie drove up to the gates and then down the long drive. The driveway or Avenue of Oaks is 1 1/2 miles long. It is gorgeous!

Can you spot anyone in this picture (below)??? Look really hard! It is a where's Waldo thing.... except it is where's Jordan?

Lilee and Josiah give a pose in front of the marsh. This was Lilee's idea.....

That night we went on a TAPS Ghost Tour. My kids begged to go on a haunted tour, which most of them end up just being a history lesson about Savannah. But I chose this one because it took you around Savannah and then through this house and its carriage house at the end.

Does this house (below) look Familiar to you all???? Any of the structures or shapes? Back in the 50's Walt Disney stayed here and was so inspired by the house and its ghost stories that this was how he came up with the Haunted Mansion , and the design for the Haunted Mansion itself. Cool Huh! If you have ever been to Disney World or seen the movie you can see some of the similarities.

This picture was taken at Savannah's cemetery on Abercorn. All the pictures I took there were either so black you could not tell what anything was or they looked liked what you would expect on to look like at night....... except this one!!!!!! Don't ask me what happened, because it was not this lit up at all! Weird huh!?!?!

Other then my camera taking a few crazy or blurry pictures and the kids electro- magnetic devices going off a few time nothing interesting happened. This Ghost tour was definitely for all ages. Lilee did say she was scared and she did not want to see any monsters. I assured her that we would not see any monsters, that I have never seen one in my life. And this was not a monster hunting tour it was a ghost hunting tour. She was good after that! ;0) LOL!!! At the end I asked if everyone had a good time and they all said "yes'. I asked them if it was scary and they all said "no", except Lilee...... Lilee said she did not like seeing all the ghosties. I said you saw ghosties? I didn't.... She said she did, so go figure!! I think she was to busy running around the house to notice anything! Lol!

The kids detectors went off at this window, that's why I took both of these pictures.

This is a picture of Robert E Lee. He stayed here in this house. He is a cousin of mine ( several cousins back). This was the only room they didn't say was haunted, but the only room I took a picture of that had an orb. :0)

We did not get back from this tour until late, so we had a full and very long day!! But we all enjoyed it!!! The kids even made it with all the walking we did.....

Stay tuned for another day..............

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