Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Decorating

I LOVE to decorate for the Fall! Not so much for Christmas though....weird huh! I think I like it because the clean up is way easier! Plus I like to decorate with real items, so you can just throw those away, or eat them when you are all finished. ;0)

This is the front porch all decked out....

Lilee found this Raven at the $1 Tree and had to have it. So we put it here.....

My happy jack-o-lantern out front for all to see......

Mr. Scarecrow is chillin' on the bench this yr. w/ my orange mums.

My Favorite decoration this year goes to my pretty white pumpkin! We bought it at the Apple Orchard. Karlton thinks it looks like white chocolate. He said it makes him hungry ;0)

We also added some acorns the kids picked up off our patio and side walk to my hurricanes. This is my favorite Free decoration this yr. I know the picture is hard to see but their are so many different colors of acorns. I love the green tented ones! We even threw some tiny real pumpkins on the mantel.

This fabroc pumkin is acting as a door stop in my office. My Grandmother made this for me several years ago and I just love it!

The one glass vase had Candy Corn in it, but the boys ate it all. I've filled that thing up 4 times, now there are Werther's Carmel's in it. Not for long though! I scored the pumpkin for free with my coupons at CVS!

I put another tiny pumpkin on a candle stick.....

Lilee and I found this interesting looking pumpkin thing at the grocery store and had to have it!

A bowl full of dried Indian corn, apples, squash, and gourds, and  (ceramic pumpkin) another freebie I scored, with my coupons at CVS. Wooo Hoooo!

And of course a few pumpkin spice candles! Mmmm! They smell delicious!

How have you decorated for Fall?????