Friday, October 8, 2010

Gearing Up

(You can see in this picture Josiah was trying to pass Jordan, but this was at the beginning of the race. Can anyone say sibling rivalry! ;0)

The boys and I are doing a 5K in the morning together. (Their Cross Country Team will be participating in this race.) This is the same course I ran my first 5K. My goal this time is just to finish without getting sick and having to walk. Even though I did well and came in 11th for the women, it killed me to have to walk because I never have to walk while only running 3.1 miles. So I have learned when I see the water station keep trucking by! I have been able to run that course twice in the last week and I have improved time wise both times, without having to stop.....just hope I can keep that up. When you throw adrenaline in there it messes everything up! So anyway wish me/us luck! With the Cross Country Team running, I will  not be coming in 11th place. The top placing girls can run it in 21 or 22 min. Ugh!

My boys on the other hand are improving every single race! They had a CC race on Tuesday and they both beat their best times. Jordan ran the 3.1 miles in 20 min and 59 seconds , Josiah ran a 25 min. and 5 sec., which is outstanding for 1st and 2nd yr. runner! I told Josiah to only try to shave off 6 seconds on his next race and he would be in the 24 mins. And guess what??? He did it! They had a meet last night and his time was 24:41. Jordan hasn't found out his time yet.

 I wish I could shave my times like that. But no matter how many times I run it I can not do any better then 27 min. The course we will be doing tomorrow is a pretty hard course and my best time so far is 28:38. There is a 1 mile gradual never ending hill at the end that just about kills me. So my time is a lot worse then when I run my daily course. That is why I wanted to get a couple of practices in. I guess that saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks applies here.... to me anyway! Anyway here are a few pictures from the boys race on Tuesday.

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