Monday, October 11, 2010

We Did It.......Well Some Of Us Did, Anyway

Saturday Morning I woke up at 6 am to head over to my neighbors house to have a Yard Sale with her. It was 48 degrees..... Ugh!!! I was totally bundled up, with my running clothes on underneath of my layers. I had to leave my Yard Sale side of things to Joel (my reinforcement) and my neighbor at 8:30 to go warm up ( in the running since) and to stretch with the boys. Then we headed off to our 5K. It was still freezing by the time we got there at 8:50. It was a whopping 50 degrees. As I climbed out of my Yukan, I was seriously considering leaving my fleece pants on, but decided against it because I hate to run in pants. I also shed one of the jackets I was wearing, but left my running jacket on. Then in no time they announced the race was getting ready to start. A minute before Jordan decided he needed to go to the bathroom. I was standing with the boy's Coach and he asked where my boy's were. As I was looking around I could not find either of them. Then the horn blew.............. and we were off (well I was anyway). I decided I would not worry, because maybe this was the only way I could beat them, ha ha!!! But about 2 tenths of a mile later the Coach's wife said here come the warriors, and Josiah blew by us, but still no Jordan........... About 2/3 of the way through the race I ran past Jordan leaning again a sign watching everyone. The crazy thing never even raced. He was still in the bathroom when the horn blew and he said it was to late for him to start. Uh huh right!!!

Anyway, Josiah came in about 9th for the whole race that was for the men too, and I came in 5th for the women. I was just happy that I did not have to stop, and I beat my last race by 6 spots. I also beat my time too from the last race, not by much though.... 1/2 way through I pulled my jacket off and tied it to my waist. I was so hot I wanted to throw it on the ground and come back later to find it, because I ended up fidgeting with it so much.

After the race I came back to my Yard Sale. Joel and my neighbor actually sold more then while I was there. I would say that was the worse Sale I have ever had. Oh well, it kept me distracted from getting nervous and thinking about the race to much!

Mental note-to-self: Leave Jacket in the car next race and do not have a Yard Sale the Day of a Race.

Wheeeewww!!! I was soooo exhausted before the even ended!!


Jenny said...

Congratulations on a GREAT race!!!!

Mom (Nana) said...

Well at least you didn't have to
walk or get sick. Yea!!!! So all in all, you did great. Congratulations on your 5th place and beating your time.

You are so dedicated and I'm so glad to see that. Keep up the great work.
Congratulations on your time and placing 9th in all.

I know that you hated not getting
to run, but sometimes the call to
the throne has no mercy. We all
have been there. Congratulations
on doing so well in Cross Country.

Love you all very much,
Mom (Nan)