Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Can You Buy With $25?

Yesterday Lilee and I went to 3 stores, Walgreens, CVS, and Harris Teeter. This was the loot we came back with for $23.28. You can't hardly buy anything with $25 these days, unless you use Coupons. I even came back with $1.72. Woo Hoo!!!

 There are a few things missing from this (blurry) photo.

1.24 Pk Deer Park Water (under the Cheerios)
2. Ring Pop (Lilee had already eaten it)
3. 3- more sticks of the Nivea Chap Sticks ( I forgot was in my purse)

Even the Pumpkin and the Flowers are in the $20.28.

Here's how much I spent at each store and how much I saved.


Spent $0
Saved $4.99
Used 1 Coupon + CVS Card

I know the picture is a little hard to make out what the items are. There is a pack of Monster face parts for Pumpkins that was $4.99. I went in and scanned my CVS card at the coupon center and it printed me out a $5 off coupon for any Halloween Decorations. So, that is how I got those free.


Spent $11.44 of which includes the Tax of $2.59
Saved $57.61
Used 14 Coupons

I bought 26 items. Those Items include and what I paid for each item:
4- Bags Werther Carmel's B1G1 ($3.58 or .89 cents ea.)
2- EOS Lip Balm  ( both were free)
6- Nivea Chap Stick (all 6 Free)
2- Schick Hydro Men's Razors ($2.89 or $1.44 ea.)
1- ACT II Pop Corn Ball- Filler Item  (.59 cents)
2- Pks of Playtex Gloves (both were free)
2- Butterfinger Candy Bars - Filler Item (.58 cents or .29 cents ea.)
1 - Ring Pop ( .65 cents)
1- 24 pk Deer Park Water (.56 cents)

Harris Teeter

Spent $11.84 which includes the tax of .59 cents
Saved $79.88
Used 23 coupons

I am only including the 35 items I bought.
1- pumpkin
1- bouquet of flowers
2- boxes of Cheerios
3- boxes of Fruity Pebbles
1- bag of Carrots
1- 6 in Hot Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwich
2- bags of Kruncher Chips
2- Pringles
1- Activia Dessert Yogurt
3- MccCormick Inspirations
3- Betty Crocker Home Style Reds Mashed Potatoes
3- boxes of Minute Rice
2- boxes of Muller's Spaghetti
2- boxes of Muller's Penne
2- cans of Bush's light red kidney beans
2- cans of Bush's black beans
4- cans of Del Monte green beans and diced tomatoes

 I ended up buying 62 items for $23.28,  and saved $142.48. That is an 86% savings.
 Not bad huh!?! What are some of  your favorite deals that you have been finding lately! I have not been keeping track of all of mine lately but thought I would share these with you!

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Mom said...

Wow! Way to go! Wish my crazy
computer would print coupons for
me. Any body got a clue what I
can do? HELP!
Love ya bunches!