Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day 2 & 3

Only Joel played out in the snow yesterday and built a snowman. Then Josiah joined him today to sled. They have great sledding now since all the snow is iced over, the can sail across the entire yard with ease. The girls have not asked once to go back outside. Lilee freezes easily and  Sara Ava does not like to be cold. So the girls are just happy watching from the warm house.  The kids are on their 2nd snow day off from school  and tomorrow does not look good either. I am hoping for a 2 hour delay to the worst. We need to get these kids back in school so they do not have to make up to many days ;0)


jodi said...

cute snowman! hopefully they can get back to school soon!

Nana said...

Good goin' Joel. I like the snowman.
You look like you are having fun.
You are so cute with you red cheeks
and all bundled up.
Jordan, Siah, Sara and Lilee, stay
warm. I don't blame you for staying
Love ya'll so much,