Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sara Ava!!!

I can't believe my little girl is 7 today......How sad :0(. It seems like yesterday that Karlton and I flew to Guatemala to give her a Birthday Party for her 2nd Birthday. I missed her 1st Birthday because her birth mother had not given her up yet. But, I promised her this day that I would never miss another one! Happy Birthday sweet daughter of mine! We Love you soooo very much!]

One of my favorite picture is of Sara Ava walking with her Daddy, holding his hand!

Mommy and Sara Ava. She loved to give beso's (kisses)

 Sara Ava was 22 months old the first time we saw her. She learned 5-10 English words that weekend. Her 2nd Birthday was the 2nd time we went to see her. She learned another 10 or so English words. So by this trip she knew about 20 words. Here is a cute little clip I found last night..... I think it is sooo precious! Please excuse me in the video! I such a dork ;0)


Nana said...

Sara Ava,
Happy Birthday, to Our Sweet, Precious Girl! We Love You So Much!
It's so hard to believe that you are
7 years old, especially after watching that video clip. Hope you
had fun today.
Love you so much,
Nana, Papaw and Boo

Melanie said...

What an amazing story! Hope that you had a beautiful day celebrating your beautiful little girl!
(PS: Our Sophie is turning 7 this summer & I told Jeff the other day that I don't know why, but 7 seems so hard to grasp...6 still seems like a little girl, but 7, wow she's growing up! I don't think I had that same reaction when Jack turned 7.)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your precious Sara Ava!!!! She is beautiful!!!