Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch Out World.........

Here he comes!!!!
Just Kidding........Josiah is only 13, so thankfully he has a few years to go. He was not on the road so no panicking! We were on a long graveled driveway, and he asked me if he could drive. He said it was scary and does not want to drive on the road! Good Boy Josiah!!!! Keep thinking that way ;0) Jordan on the other hand is 14 1/2 and does not feel that way..........Aaaahhhhh I am soooo not ready for drivers!!!


Melanie said...

I remember learning how to drive when I was 12 on the long gravel road we lived on & it was so fun! But I'm not ready for my kids to be driving yet!!! Glad that my oldest is only 9!

Mary Ann said...

Melanie, be happy you still have a while! Jordan thinks he is getting his permit at 15 which is in May. Ugh!!!!! I am trying to get him to wait like we had to until he is 16. I think 16 is still to young. Esp. for boys.

Mom (Nana) said...

I was just thinking that Jordan
will be driving soon, this morning, before I saw your blog. That's funny. I was surprised to see Siah, though.
You, Kris and Caleb all wanted to
hold back a little and didn't get
in a hurry. You, especially from
getting scared by you and your friend's car wreck.
Jordan, just take your time! Learn
and listen real good before you get
out there. You'll be driving for years and will probably get sick of it after a while.
Me, I never get sick of it. It's
my comfort, sometimes. I just pray,
pray, pray, before I get out there.
People are crazy out there on the
road, especially the old ones that
should quit when they get so old.