Monday, January 3, 2011

It's A Monday Alright.....

Lilee and I started our Monday out like any other Monday, working on her preschool work and doing chores. Then... Karlton calls me asking for the police station # or should he just call 911 because some old man just had t-boned him pretty good. I told him to call 911..... ;0) Poor guy I knew he was upset and not thinking straight to call me first.... but, I was flattered.

So, Lilee and I jumped in our clothes
and ran out the door. This happened
right in front of Jordan's High School on his way to work , one mile from our house. By the time I got there the mess was cleaned up and the cars were on the sides of the road.

The old man who hit Karlton was at a stop sign and Karlton saw him starting to pull out as he was driving down a strait stretch of road. He swerved in the other lane to try and miss him but the man never saw Karlton and plowed right into him knocking Karlton off the road, a few feet from an embankment, then his car spun and hit the back end of the Karlton's van.

 After Lilee and I inspected Karlton and the damage, the tow truck came and took the van away. So then I chauffeured Karlton around to talk to his worker, the insurance agent, and then the rental place. I kept asking him if he was sure he was alright and he would say yes. But, on the way to the last stop he said he hated to say anything but his back was hurting. I told him then lets go to the Dr., he said he was to  busy that he had to get to work. But I can assure you he Will be going to the Dr. even if it is tomorrow. I will drive him myself if I have too!!!!! ;0)

The police doing what they do best. There were 3 more Police cars and a truck but they were behind me parked on the other side of the road. The old man sat in his car until the police made him get out.... Praise God no one was hurt badly!!!! I had just prayed this morning for our day today.... I prayed the Lord would put his hand of protection over our family .... And I was not let down!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

Now after all that excitement how will Lilee and I get our day back to normal ???? Lol.....

BTW.....Lilee's said, "Man.....we need to get daddy a new van, his is broke!" ;0)


The Burleys said...

Oh no! What a stinky start to the new year! Glad Karlton is OK, though!

Mary Ann said...

It sure is Heather! It sure gave me a good scare too! Thank goodness none of the kids were with him!

Mom said...

We're so glad that Karlton is O.K.
But, all the rearranging of your life
is really annoying. He'll probably
be sore for a while, but he should
get his back checked out.
Take care, be safe today.
Love ya tons, love to the kiddies,