Friday, January 14, 2011

FFF - Ice Skating

These pictures were taken last Saturday on Sara Ava's birthday, which is also her cousin Cole's B/D. Sara Ava wanted to go Ice Skating for her B/D and we were taking her until we found out her cousin was going too. So Sara Ava ended up going Ice Skating but not to celebrate her B/D. Tomorrow we are going again with a couple of her friends to celebrate. She is so excited because she loved it!

The 2 oldest boys went when they were little (about 10 yrs ago). They don't remember it at all. So it was like taking all 5 kids for the first time. At first I was going to just watch them because it was sooooo cold. It was 24 degrees outside and I did not want any part of the ice. But, the girls could not even get on the ice with out falling and would immediately get off. I told them let me get my balance and went around a few times and then came back to help them and everyone else for that matter ;0) lol......

Karlton brought Jordan later. Jordan was Wrestling all day long. Karlton had to go and pick him up early because he was not finished when it was time to leave for the party. After I helped Karlton get his balance and teach him how to take off, then it was Jordan's turn. Poor guy! I think he was the most uncoordinated out of us all. He always had to grab me and almost take me down with him.

So here are the pictures of that day.... Most are blurry because it is really hard to stop on the ice and take pictures. I was moving in most of them. Ha!

Sara Ava ready to get on the ice!

She was watching Joel try out the ice for the first time.......

Josiah made it out next..... He ended up loving it and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Their cousin Kaylee (the blonde) and her friend. Thank goodness for these 2. They helped me with the girls a lot! Sara Ava made me almost fall once. I could not take both girls at once even though I tried. I was sore for days afterwards! Seriously!

Sara Ava watching her cousin Cole get on the ice.... I guess he was pretty funny!

Finally Sara Ava standing on her 2 own feet....

She and Lilee did lots of this........

Josiah thinking he is a pro now that he got the hang of it....

Joel actually did better Ice Skating his first time them Roller Skating....

Ham made me take like 30 pictures of him....

Jordan on the ice! He is not a fan of the ice! ;0)

My SIL helping me with Lilee.

I asked Karlton to take a picture of me spinning....I could do 3 spins in a row. He said he got a good one and this was it. ughhh....... looks like I'm dancing. I promise you that I am not! Ha! Ha!

Daddy with his little girls ;0)

Joel helping out his little sister. But not for long....he said she was to dangerous!

The 2 birthday cousins! Sorry it is so blurry. I could not stop. ;0)

We had a great time..... hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

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Nana said...

Looks like tons of fun. Ya'll look
good out there. But, I have flash-backs of my last time on the ice. Not a pretty picture. I had
to take your mama to the emergency
room. But, it looks like she has
improved. I stick to roller skates, I have wobbly ankles.
Sara, Glad you had a great Birthday!
Love ya, love ya, love ya,