Monday, January 17, 2011

Sara Ava's Cupcakes

We saw some really cute Snowman Cupcakes on the cover of a Magazine, and she wanted me to make them for her B/D. So that is what we did..... except they did not come out looking like snowmen..... I think they look like bears. lol......Just incase you didn't know they are suppose to be wearing earmuffs. ;0) The cupcakes were to small and the eyes were to big. We could not find the correct candy that it called for and I did not want to run to 2-3 stores to find the correct decorations, so I found what I thought would work. That's why they look like they do.

Josiah made the cupcakes and iced them, and I decorated them. At least they were made with love! ;0) BTW..... they were Orange Cream Cupcakes. I don't know if they were any good or not because they all got eaten quickly! So, I guess that is a good sign..... I already had the cake mix and the icing. I just had to buy all the candy. I ended up paying about $6-7, not bad for 18 Birthday Cupcakes.

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Nana said...

Cute cupcakes! Happy Birthday, Sara!
Love ya, bunches,