Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roxana Update

I continually get updates on Roxana and her family from where we raised all the money to help them. With the food money that we raised they were able to have a nice Christmas meal!

And here is Roxana in her new Traj'e.


Melanie said...

What a lovely beautiful girl! Do you sponsor her through Compassion International? We have not done that, but I would really like to sponsor a child.

Mary Ann said...

Melanie, we sponsor her through Mayan Families. They do really good things for these poor families. We have sponsored her for 4 years to go to school. Sara Ava is a Mayan Indian and we wanted to help them anyway we can! They need more sponsors right now!!! There are so many children who can not go to school with out sponors. If you want to sponsor a child I can give you their info. The new school year just started for them and they still need help.

Mom (Nana) said...

It's so good to see all the food
and things that Roxana's family
was able to get. She looks beautiful
in her new outfit.

jodi said...

thats so wonderful they send you pictures and updates like that.