Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Update

I have not been blogging very much lately because the flu has been at our house for a few weeks now. Today it has marked its 3rd poor little victim, Sara Ava. I picked the 2 little ones up from school today and she told me when she coughs it hurts her throat and eyes. When I took her fever it was 101.5. Jordan started us off with this stuff and when he was almost better Karlton got it. Karlton has been on the couch or bed since Wed. but today he went to work. :0) He is not totally better but, on the mends. Now.....Sara Ava is sick. Like Josiah said , " I wonder who the next Victim will be? ". Praying that it ends with her!!!!!! But, at least it waits until one person is getting better before another one falls...It could be worse and I have a house full of sick ones. At this rate it will take 7 weeks to go through all of us. lol.....

On another note...I have been making a lot of new items for Cutie Patutuz! I just made these today...

The prices are on my website if you are interested in them. I also made the cutest Tutu Puff hair bow for a customer and am getting ready to start making a tutu formal dress for her.

We are still playing and coaching basketball. I had to coach Joel's last game since Karlton was sick. Of course we lost....ugh.... Sara Ava has a game tonight, but will not be able to play. Joel has one tomorrow night if he is still well, plus Jordan has a wrestling match. The first one I am getting to go to. He lets his dad come to watch him, but not me!!! He says he wants to get better before I come. Isn't that sweet! He did not want me coming to this one either but since it is his last one that is home I told him toooo bad I am coming and taking pictures. Lol....

Here are a couple of pictures of the kiddies games from last week..... Notice anything about the pictures???? And no its not because they are blurry, that was action mode ;0)

Oh yeah.....and my biggest accomplishment for this week is......I ran 5 1/2 miles for the first time with out stopping and in 52.3 minutes. That's pretty decent for me! I am off to run now...I am hoping that this is what is keeping me healthy, and is not going to end up being my demise!

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Mom (Nana) said...

We are praying for all of you to get
well and the rest to stay well.
Love ya bunches,
Mom (Nana)