Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just A Couple Of Updates

Well.... we are as busy as ever around here! We are getting Josiah ready to send off to Church Camp on Monday. Then on Tuesday we are taking a couple of days off and heading to Charleston for our 14th Ann. Its not a good time financially to go, but work wise it is great! Usually Karlton can not take off work because he is so busy... I guess you can not have it both ways right!? Anyway we are only taking 3 kids with us so we only have to buy 1 room and because we are going in the middle of the week we got a good deal. Originally we were only going for 1 night, but we got such a good deal we are going for 2. We will be keeping it cheap ... but I am still excited! I am ready for a little time away from reality! As soon as we get back from Charleston then Jordan will head with the church to Wilmington for World Changers.

*Now for some exciting news (well maybe) !!!!!!!!! The girl who looked at our land this week fell in love with it and is trying to get a co- signer to sign for a loan. She is young and is getting married soon. So please pray for this girl to be able to get the loan that she needs! Keep praying please!! We can certainly see the effects of them all!

* I have not been taking pictures of all my coupon deals lately but I am still at it , just not as much this week since we are getting ready leave. But I can tell you this..... I saved enough money from the last several weeks of couponing that I was able to buy 2 nights in Charleston for our Ann. Cool huh! Anyway back to the coupon deals. My favorite deals other then the free ones of course was buying milk for 0.47 cents, for a couple of weeks and buying tons of boxes of eggo waffles for 0.50 cents a box. We go through the milk and the waffles so these were some really money saving coupons for our family. Are you all trying the world of couponing yet????


Guate4Jack said...

I'm trying to get into it, but not really getting it. good luck and enjoy your trip!

Rhonda said...

Awesome news Mary Anne

jodi said...

have fun on your trip! I know you love Charleston so much.
we will keep praying that everything comes together so you can sell your land, that would take such a burden off of you guys.
love ya sis!

Mom (Nana) said...

Have a safe and fun week at camp, Siah. Tell us all about it when
you get back.
Have a safe trip to Charleston and
a Happy Anniversary. It's nice to know that you are going. We've been
so busy with your sister back in the hospital for the third time, and me having my hands full with her 3 kids, I guess the good things in our conversation
just didn't come out. Call me! Be safe and have fun.
We're praying that you sell your land and get more work.
Love ya'll
Mom (Nana)