Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Last Of The Charleston Pics.

~Day 2 & 3 ~

We toured the Edmondton- Austin House because Jordan wanted to see an old house with furniture in it. They made the tour very interesting for the little kids by giving them a find and seek book with pictures in it with things to find all over the house. Lilee even did a great job! It was very educational for all of us. (This was Karlton and my 2nd time visiting this beautiful historic home.)

Sitting on the porch waiting for our tour to begin.

One of the lovely homes we saw while walking down the street.

These next 2 pictures were taken in front of the Edmondton- Austin home down near the battery.

Pris Pot Posing for a picture. Now say that 3 times fast.... LOL!

Some of the many church's around town.

The street in front of the water park at the pier. The day we went to the pier I had forgot my camera. grrrr! It is so pretty and relaxing there!

The rest of the time was spent eating and shopping. Even my kids love to shop in Charleston! Oh ya and the best part of the trip was the hot warm pralines that we bought 2 lbs of. That does not sound like a lot but we are just finishing them up! YUMMMMM!!!

Well that's about all I am going to bore you with from our trip........

Next (post) up is shopping (couponing ) the good deals that I have been finding!!!!


Rhonda said...

What gorgeous pictures. AND of the children too! We are so going to have to go check it out! It's not all that far from VA :-)

Mary Ann said...

You will HAVE to go!!! You would love it!!! It is a very romantic place too!:0) Karlton and I love staying in the historic B&B. Our fav. is the Meeting Street Inn.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Sure looks like a beautiful place to visit! I enjoy historic architecture so much!