Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Bows Ready To Ship!

Here are some new bows that I have ready to ship out. All prices have shipping included.

The Fuchsia Gerber Daisy shown worn here w/ headband is available upon request.

The double rose shown worn here.


~ White Daisy and Orange Gerber Daisy with headband $8 ea. ( I also have fuchsia left in the Gerber Daisy.)

~ " " " " w/out headband $6 ea.

~ Double Rose w/headband $8 ea.

~ " " w/out headband $6 ea.

~ Single Rose w/ headband $6 ea.

~ " " w/ out headband $3 ea. (buy 2 of them for piggy tails $6 for 2)

Large light pink Gerber Daisy shown worn w/ headband below is available upon request.

Large Med. Pink Gerber Daisy shown worn below is available upon request.


~ Med size Flower w/ headband (Yellow and Orange) $8 ea.

~ " " " w/out headband (Yellow and Orange) $6 ea.

~ Large Flower w/ headband (Purple) $10 ea. ( I also have light pink , med pink, and orange in the large flower.) Older girls and teenage girls love these bows so these are not just for the younger girlie's.

~ " " w/ out headband (Purple) $8 ea.

Sunflower shown below w/ and w/out headband.


~ Sunflower w/ headband $7

~ Sunflower w/out headband $5

If you are interested in any of these please e-mail me at You can mail me a Check or pay by Pay Pal. If you need more then 1 of each color let me know! Hurry these won't last long. Plus Mama needs a new pair of running shoes! Ha! Ha!


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Vanessa said...

Hoping you get TONS of orders!! I know I'm looking for a nitch to help me raise money for Guatemala but I just haven't found it yet:(

Rhonda said...

fun gorgeous bows on cutie pies!