Friday, July 3, 2009

Prayer List and Update

I am 2 days late for the Wed. Prayer List, but better late then never right!?

*Praise The Lord!!!!
~ The 3 sisters will be arriving home tomorrow from Guatemala!
~My sister is out of the hospital after a 6 day stay.

*Prayer Needs*
~ Please continue to pray the Lord will keep sending Karlton work.
~ We are still 3- 3 1/2 pay checks behind.... Please pray we get caught up soon!
~ Pray the Lord will send a buyer for our 4 acres w/ brand new garage quickly! We sooo need to sale this so that we can pay all the bills that are really far behind.
~ This one is a praise and a prayer request. I went to the Dr. this week for problems I have been having that is not normal for me ( regarding the monthly visitor). The Dr. said that he was not concerned , but we will be observing it and that he thought it was only stress! And we all know how finances and jobs can take a toll on anyone so please pray for me! Because apparently this is effecting more then I even realized!

I am and have been praying for those prayer request that have been left! If you have any more you would like us to pray for please leave me a comment! I really appreciate everyone who has been praying with us on all these matters!


Now for a family update! This summer has been one crazy ride! We have camps every week it seems like! So far we started the summer off with Jordan going to a week long camp at School for Honors kids, he also started Cross Country 2 weeks ago, we have had VBS, Football Camp, Josiah is getting ready to leave for church camp for 5 days, then Jordan will be leaving as soon as Josiah gets back for World Changers with our Church; they(church kids) are going to Wilmington for a week. We also spend some time at the pool to cool off. Its non stop around here and sometimes I feel like I am just spinning in circles. Lol! I will be posting some pictures soon..... But for now I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!!!! We will be spending some quality family time together as we do every 4th. We always look forward to this holiday and our family traditions!


Vanessa said...

Have a happy 4th!! Thanks for sending along the cute 4th of July hairbow and for the give-away!!

Rhonda said...

Happy 4th of July to your beautiful family

Nana said...

Happy 4th of July to you all.
Be safe, healthy and happy.
Boys, have fun at camp.
Our prayers are with you for Karlton's job and for your pay
check to catch up and for the land
to sell.
If I were a rich person I would
buy it. It is a beautiful piece
of land.
Love ya lots,
Nana (Mom)