Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my Wed. Prayer List. I never seem to know what day it is anymore! Lol! All my days kind of run together as we never stop for a second.

If you have a prayer request please leave it in my comments and I promise you that I will be praying for you!

Ours is still the same old, same old. (like a broken record)

First I do have a praise report! I took the 4 older kids to the dentist yesterday and all were cavity free! PTL!!!

Our Prayer List:

~ Please keep praying the Lord will send Karlton plenty of paying work , that will keep him busy and help us catch back up on all our missing income.

We have been receiving unemployment but it is 1/2 of our weekly income and because Karlton is a business owner and his company is not fully shut down we have to pay every penny back. So it is like racking up a government credit card! Not good!

~ Also PLEASE keep praying that we sale our land very soon! We still have plenty of people looking at it and falling in love with it. We even have a contractor wanting to know if we would do personal financing,which will not work out for us. So we have plenty if interest we just need the Lord to help send us the perfect person quickly!

Thanks you all for praying for our family, we definitely can always use it!

*Just a reminder if are interested in any of my flower bows w/ headbands (see post below) please shoot me an e-mail. For those of you that live in my area subtract a $ for the shipping cost. These are great for all ages. I have customers ranging from infants to 16 yrs. old. They make great gifts and spice up that perfect outfit! I just made my 11 yr. old niece who wanted one for her B/D. Or if you know someone that may be interested in them please send them to my blog I really could use the business right now! THANKS!

~ I promise my next post will be catching back up with the shopping and saving money with coupons.


Rhonda said...

Sending many prayers that things goe well and you get a sale soon :)

jodi said...

still praying for you!

I have a new one: our friends who have been trying to get pregnant for a LONG time are finally prego with twins! please pray that the babies continue to be healthy, and everything happens without trouble.

and no new news on the prayer request for my mom and dad's church. they are waiting for the mediators report then will move from there.