Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Unexplained !?! - UPDATE

*****Some of you said you can not get the picture to enlarge. If you click on to the picture then down load it to your pictures then you will be able to view it larger in your files. Sorry!*****
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OK,I know told you all I would not post the reason why we wanted to go back to Drayton Hall until I was finished posting about out trip but I could not wait! Especially since, Jessica from Drayton Hall left a comment (Thanks Jessica for stopping by!!!) I just had to post this sooner then I had planned. I waited a whole year to post about this because I did not know what kind of response and comments I would get back. But anyway here it goes....... Last year Karlton, Joel, Lilee , and I stopped by to visit Drayton Hall for our (Karlton and I) 2nd time. We had not heard any stories about the place be haunted and we toured it and I just thought it was gorgeous,no feelings of creepiness about it but.............. when we came home Josiah asked to see all the pictures and orbs started popping up in the pictures on the stairs. Not a big deal but I had never caught an orb in all the many years I have been taking pictures. So......... Josiah (who was 10 at the time) asks can we start looking in all the windows one by one. I said ,"what do you expect to find honey I don't think the place is haunted". Well we went through 20-30 windows one by one , blowing them up and looking at each one until we came across this one........

If you do not see it at first look in the bottom middle window pain! ( if you still can not see it click on it to make it bigger or you can zoom in on it.

We both froze in shock (I had it blown up as large as it would go) and he dove under my legs that were under my desks. He was so afraid that he would not come out for some time until I took the picture off of my screen. Lets just say I was pretty shocked too and did not sleep that night! Now being a Christian and the beliefs I have heard all my life and thought I believed too ... well lets just say I have some questions now! Is it a ghost, an alien, a demon?
First of all let me say we were the last out of the building because I was waiting for everyone to leave so I could take some pictures and then the tour guide ropes it off once everyone is out. So I can tell you there was not one in the building! Besides this face does not look human or live to me.

Well this trip we wanted to go back to take more pictures to see if we saw anything else. I only caught a couple of orbs on the stairs but nothing compared to the ones last time. I took many pictures of all the windows and nothing showed up. WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO DO WAS GO IN THE ROOM THAT THE FACE WAS IN AND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! But it was the only room closed off (due to the ceiling falling down when people walking in that room ??). We did asks the tour guides about it being haunted and they said there were suppose to be 2 ghosts.

So,Jessica if you are reading this if we come back down there soon could you let me at least walk to the door and take pictures for research please!!!! Lol!

Now to me it looks like an alien face! I put it on the travel channels,most haunted in the pictures and it is staying in the top 20 for more then a year now with ratings. SO if you want to go and vote for me stop by and give me a 5 stars! Lol !! now let me know your take of this picture!
This is the original picture that I took right after everyone came out of the house. The face is in the top window 2nd from the left.


Rhonda said...

I couldn't get the pictures to get larger. It is weird and I've heard of so many different places being "haunted" that it makes you really wonder what the "reality" of this truly is.

jodi said...

creepy, but very cool!!!

Sarah said...

I couldn't get it to get bigger either but my 17 year old is all about hauntings and horror movies... I will have to share this with her! Scary!

Terri said...

Okay!!! That's scary!!!

Mom (Nana) said...

As always, I loved the pictures of your trip to Charleston.
You need to enlarge either of the pictures of you and Karlton and frame them. They are really good.
The next time you go and take Josiah
take a picture of his face when you
go into the house. That would be a
good one. Maybe you will capture his
friend the ghost standing beside him.
(Just kidding Siah)
Love ya bunches!

Nancy said...

This looks very similar to a picture that was featured on the internet when they did an article about hauntings at famous places. How weird!

Mary Ann said...

Nancy, I hope that was not my picture! I needed to burn my name into the picture.

Jenny said...

okay...that is really creepy!!!