Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching up....

I am so far behind on posting pictures since the kids were out of school for 6 days and then the snow. So, here are the pictures from Sara Ava's B/D (jumping) party that was on Saturday.

She was so excited for her party!

Sitting waiting patiently on everyone to arrive.

Enjoying the tunnels and the jump houses! This child loves to jump!

Her sister and brothers came.....

Along with her 4 cousins came to jump with her.

Sara Ava's Hannah Montanna cupcake cake.

I can not believe she is 5 years old already! Waaaa! I had to pull as much hair out of this child's
way because she sweats so much when she starts running and playing. Even on a freezing day like it was that day.

Lilee enjoying her cupcake! ( all sweaty)

Sara Ava opening her Hannah Montanna PJ's. She loves Hannah!!! Thanks Aunt Glenda!

The only present she asked for this year for her B/D was Princess dress up shoes.
Thanks Nana!

Sara Ava had 20 relatives there to show her how much she is loved! Thank you to everyone who came, she had a great time and loved all the special attention!


Hannah said...

Look at her...such a big girl! I love hair, it is SO beautiful and SO shiny!!

Sophia sweats like crazy!! It drives me nuts, I am always worried she is going to get sick from getting sweaty and then going out in the freezing cold!

Glad Sara Ava had such a great party!!

Dano and Melinda said...

Where was this? Looks like a fun time! =0)

Mary Ann said...

Melinda, This was at Sports Connection. It is a really fun place.They have bowling , archades, a rock wall, and lazer tag. The best part it is smoke free! Its where 521 and Ardey Kell Rd. meets.