Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With the new law that is to take place come Feb. 9th, the new lead law. I will no longer be able to make my tutu's.I have signed a petition and also sent a letter to our senator trying to fight this new law. I would ask everyone to take part in this fight against the new law! Everyone who makes home made crafts, clothes, toys. Will no longer be able too unless they can provide how much lead is in their product. The said that one garmet could cost a hundred $'s to be tested, and that is a shame! Alot of mommy's earn extra money by making beautiful clothes for our children.

I can make tutu's from infant to a size 6. The tutu's I have shown are on my blog are $24. Infant tutu's will run $22.00. All I need is your infants waist size and leg length.

Better hurry before this new law shuts me down. I can have this to you before Valentines Day, if you order now.These tutu's can be worn with leggins, a shirt, and put a sweater with it and is perfect for the cold. They make great B/D presents, great for Portraits, or just for fun to play dress up. My girls will be wearing theirs for Val. Day!

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Jenna said...

We don't have much need for a tutu around our house! They sure are cute though. Are you positive about that new law. I had heard that it wasn't as restrictive as people thought.

Mary Ann said...

Hey Jenna, It will be for people who make clothing. But they lifted the 2nd hand clothing.

Joshua said...

Here is a copy of the new law to clarify.

I wasn't sure if you have seen this, or if it would make a difference to you. Also, if you are buying the material from a fabric shop, or wall mart etc. don't you think that the material is free from the lead etc, and will not effect your business? (Just a thought) The material is new.

jeck said...

Girl I just wanted to send you a hug today... I think you need it!


Rhonda said...

That law is the creziest ever. We have so many tutu's already or I'd get one but yours sure are cute.