Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time Out!

"Everyone needs a little time out every now and then!"

We(all of us) are taking a time out today to put away all the Christmas Decor and get our house back in order inside and out! Yeah!

*The picture is of Lilee when she got in trouble a few days ago ,when Karlton made her sit in time out. She looks sooo tiny sitting there all by herself. She did such a good job of listening and not complaining mommy let her out early.( Bad mommy!) I couldn't resist, she looked so sweet and innocent sitting there, even with her diaper hanging out. Ha!


Rhonda said...

Oh goodness, we've had the "time out" in our house already quite afew times!!! I am very impressed at how great she is sitting!!!!

I'm always glad to see the holiday stuff come out of the attic and just as happy to PACK it away for another year, hahahaha

Nana said...

Good girl, Lilee. I'm so proud of you for listening. When you're good you get an early escape (sometimes).

Love ya Bunches xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Joshua said...

ahhhh. LOL

Ferrick said...

MaryAnn, I couldnt help but laugh when I seen this we all know that pose. Hard to believe Lilee would ever need a time out with that face of an angel. :) Susie