Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun While It Lasted

It was fun while it lasted and we will probably have to wait another year to see it again!
The sun came out and warmed us to 34 degrees enough to melt 60 % of the snow. (You know when the snow is gone everything is not as pretty as before as when it was all dressed in white.)
But now we get to deal with the black ice because the temp. is starting to drop again and we have a black ice advisory out from 6pm to 9am tomorrow morn. Thank goodness I bought the stuff to
make bacon , cheese, and potato chowder and fresh baked bread! mmmm! Nothing better to warm the bones one a cold snowy, and now icy day. Karlton went to work today and now I have to keep calling him to remind him the sun is going to be going down soon , so get home soon!


Heather said...

I think you need to post the recipe for that soup! Sounds yummy! :)

Joshua said...

That is a pic worth blowing up! It is gorgeous!! Love it!!!!