Saturday, January 24, 2009

Facing Your Fears

Have you ever had to come face to face with one of your fears? I know I have( a tarantula in Guatemala)! And apparently poor Lilee did last night. I told her to go get on the potty before her bath and that I would be right there. I went to go get her pj's from her bedroom when I heard this awful shrill screaming. My heart sank as I took off across the house. I had not heard this scream before... I knew it was not a bug, or that she had gotten hurt because that was not her scream for those.

When I reached the bath room this is what I found.....

Jordan has a robot that has red eyes that walks, dances,does karate, breaks wind, and burps, (pretty rude little thing) but most of all it scares the life out of little 2 year old's! Her mean brothers , ( I mean) The mean robot had her cornered with no where to run!

Lilee is not afraid of things! She sleeps in the pitch dark and we have not seen much that scares Lilee, UNTIL NOW!

Needless to say Mommy saved her and assured her it was only a toy and that it will not hurt her, and Jordan is the one making it move with his remote. I finally calmed her down and protected her from the robot so that she could potty. I had Jordan to show her how it works and all that it does. She finally started laughing when it handed her toilet paper.


Guate4Jack said...

AWW!!! Poor thing! Cute picture though.

Becky and Jack

Hannah said...

That is so mean...but really funny!! Great picture too!

Live to love and laugh said...

I am impressed she was able to calm down and tolerate it.
We have brothers (oops toys) around here too.
Hang in there girls. Some day these boys will date and it will be pay back time!

The Hardy Family said...

Poor baby!! I would be freaked out, too!!! Aren't boys just the greatest! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh poor thing, it would be so funny if she hadn't been so scared, poor munchkin. Those can be pretty scary.