Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!!!

I can not believe Sara Ava is 5 years old today! She is growing up to00 quickly, Waaa!
If there was one word to describe Sara Ava Lynn Shrum her daddy would say it is "Sweet".
Here are some of my favorite pictures of her over the past year. You can see how much she really has grown in the last year. If you wanna leave her a Birthday message please do in my comments.

We Love You Angel and are so proud of what a good girl you are, & how good of a big sister you are ! Stay that way, PLEASE!

I took this picture yesterday. Her last day of being 4.

Jan. 2008

Feb. '08

March '08

May '08

July '08

Aug. '08

Sept. '08

Oct. '08

Nov. '08

Dec. '08


Nana said...

Happy, Happy Birthday,
To Sara Ava Lynn,
We're glad you're in our family,
We love your little grin.

When we think about you,
We know how you are sweet,
But, the best thing about you is,
You make our family complete.

Happy Birthday, Precious, Beautiful Girl. We love you so much. See you at your party next week.

Love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nana, Pawpaw & Caleb

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Sara Ava !! You are growing to be so beautiful !!

Judi and Elaina said...

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY SARA AVA!!! You are getting sooooo BIG!!!!!
Have a great day sweetie!!!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Sara Ava!! Hope you had a great day! :)

The SC Denneys said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Sara Ava. Happy Birthday to You!!!! Love ya girl!

Ferrick said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sara Ava!! I hope that your fifth year is full of love, laughter and blessings from the Lord!!

Happy Birthday!!

Maya and Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sara Ava! You are such an adorable girl, and I wish you all the best!

jodi said...

happy birthday sara ava!!! sorry its late but we were without a computer for 10 days (eek)