Friday, January 30, 2009

My Terrific Kid

The girls and I went to watch Joel receive his Terrific Kid award at school today. This is his second year in a row that he has received it!

Joel took this picture of me and the girls.

Joel stood in front of everyone so that the guidance counselor could read what his teacher had written why Joel was a terrific kid.

Joel looking at his awards.

My Terrific Kid!

Joel with the 2nd grade T.K. One child from each class per grade was chosen.

All the T.K.'s

Way to go Joely!!! We love you and are soooo proud of you!


Hannah said...

What a terrific kid!!

Carla said...

Mary Ann,your girls are gorgeous and so are yoU! And Jordan is a handome little dude! And one terrific kid too.

Rhonda said...

Ahhhh, way to go and two in a row, great kid :-)

Nana said...

Great job! I don't know anybody to get 2 Terrific Kid awards. Wow!!!!You look so handsome and tall up there with all of the other kids. Keep up the good work.
You are also a good photographer. Great picture of Mom and your sisters.
Love ya bunches!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo