Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Week...

We are busy with BB games this week . Tonight is the boys game and tomorrow is Jordan's. Unfortunately I will not get to make tonight's game because it is to late for the girls to be up. Jordan will step in tonight for me and help Karlton Coach.

Here are some pictures I took a few weeks ago.

Joel #4, and Josiah #19 playing in the same quarter. Joel has really improved a lot this year!
Josiah finally started back playing after his feet injuries. He is wearing his blue support wraps to make sure he does not get hurt again. I have to admit he is still playing very cautiously.

Joel taking the ball out. He is sooo funny playing with the big kids. He can still that ball away from them and the big kids never know what happened. He also tackled a kid during this game trying to get that ball away. LOL!!!

Josiah is a pretty good shooter! He also plays a mean defence!

Karlton coaching the kids. We were actually winning this game and the kids were so excited,
but then we went into over time and ended up loosing after all. It was a very on the edge of your
seat exciting game!
I do not get to go to very many of Jordan's games because he's are late and away sometimes (his daddy goes to support him). I plain on going soon so I can get some more pictures of him playing.
Other the Basketball consuming our week with games and practices, all the kids have dentist apt. tomorrow , then on Friday Joel is receiving Terrific Kid at school, I will be going to that ceremony! This is his 2nd time receiving it! Way to go JOELY!!! Then Sat. I will be getting my hair cut! I need one so bad! My style is not looking so stylish anymore. Add Awana's and Bible studyin there and this our week. This week is not nearly as busy as most. Both girls are sick and I have not been feeling great, we needed a slower week!


Lund7 said...

Great blog and adorable kids! Please stop by my blog...I am seeking input from moms who adopted from Guat. in today's could win a prize too!

Rhonda said...

How fun! Enjoy the week of BB