Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun In The Snow

Oh boy!! Was there excitement at the Shrum house this morning! 4:00 am to be exact! Josiah ran in to inform us that is was snowing! I got up to look and said , "yeah that's pretty now go back to sleep." Then at 4:47 am I was woken again by Josiah to let me know that school had been cancelled. I said , "OK now honey you can go back to sleep and get some rest, please don't wake up all the other kids." Jordan was already awake grumbling. Josiah said," Oh, Joel is already awake I woke him up at 3 am, because he told me too." So then I went to assure Joel that he could go back to sleep and sleep in since there was no school. At 5:30 the phone ran and it was the school confirming school was closed, but by then I had lost the go back to sleep battle!
Josiah went to get the girls up to see the snow by 6:00 am. At 7:00 I had 2 boys dressed going out to play in the snow. I said "Oh no, you are going to wait a while and wait on everyone else."
Josiah ended up out there anyway. My rule is, you go out once and if you come back in you are done! So he stayed out there until he was froze solid. The kids have been wanting it to snow now for weeks. They ended up praying yesterday that it would snow. So Thank You God for hearing my kids prayers! For most of you snow is no big deal, and I am sure you are even sick of it. But here in SC, we are lucky to have a skiff once a year. Last year was a dud, the kids didn't even have a chance to play in it. We ended up with about 2 inches today.

Jordan still has the croup so he did not stay out long. Even though he did not bark one time while he was out there.
I even let the kids take a picture of me( cheesy grin and all... That is my hurry and take the picture because I am freezing smile.), even though I did not have a stitch of makeup on.

The kids had snow ball fights....

Joel did a little snow boarding,.....

The girls got to try out their new sleds.

Lilee loved playing in it this year. Last year she cried and wanted to go in. All she would say is
"Freeze". After I noticed the girls started getting wet I said come one girls lets go in and get warm. Lilee said, "yeah, Toooo COOOLD".

It hard to see in this picture but it still was snowing.

The view out the office window of my frozen garden, while the snow was really coming down.


Vanessa said...

I'm getting so jealous of all these photos of snow everyone has been posting!! We only see it once every several years!! We did get a little in Dec. but it wasen't long before it was all gone and I didn't even get to play in it with the kids:(

Nana said...

The snow looks beautiful. I'm glad ya'll had your prayers answered and you got to play in it. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your snow day with us.
We have had flurries all day, but none stuck. Myrtle Beach hardly ever gets snow, so I guess flurries is a big deal.
Caleb's jealous.
Love ya bunches, Nana

Jenny said...

We too were so excited to wake up this morning to snow on the ground!!! Gotta love a snow day!!!

Magen said...

It looks like the kids had a lot of fun! I wish I could get that excited about snow, but here it seems to never stop and it just isn't exciting anymore! just wet and cold!! I can send you some if you would like!

Hannah said...

It looks like you had such a fun time! I love how beautiful everything looks right after the snow falls. Just magical!