Monday, August 24, 2009

Alot Of First For Sara Ava

Sara Ava came home from her 2nd day of school today with home work. She was so excited about having it too! I guess that makes you a big girl when you have home work. Ha!

Then.......... everything went down hill for her. She had 2 loose bottom teeth and 1 of them was hurting her and was ready to come out. I gave it a pull but her teeth are sooo tiny that I was grabbing 2 of them so I told her to keep twisting it and then we heard a pop and saw blood. Well.... lets just she just fell apart!!!! So did poor Lilee, this was as painful for Lilee as it was to Sara Ava. She was crying too, but wiping the tears off her big sisters face, the whole time until the tooth finally came out after my second pull.

So guess who is coming tonight!?! The Tooth Fairy!!!! This is Sara Ava first loose tooth that we pulled. The first tooth she lost on top was pulled last August by the dentist because it had abscessed. She had really bad teeth when she came home from Guatemala almost 3 yrs ago.
My boys did not loose their first tooth until they were 6 (in the 1st grade). She just started Kindergarten and is only 5. Is this normal or is this because her teeth were so unhealthy from being malnourished at the start of her life?( She just went to the dentist and she never said anything.!?!)

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Ivy said...

HI Mary Ann,
Thanks for your sweet comments. I've actually not been blogging because I'm learning and practicing with the camera and editing software, But I miss all my bloggie friend, so have to get back to blogging soon.

Your darlings are getting so big! It amazes me how quickly the children change from year to year, even month to month! Gorgeous family.

You inquired what camera I have, it's a Nikon D90, however it's the lenses that really give the photos depth and detail. If you like just email me and I'd be happy to share more info and suggestions, especially if you're considering buying a camera. I would have stepped up to the Nikon D300 or bought a Canon. You can't go wrong with either.

Let's talk more about it:))

Look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the summer!

Thanks for stopping by.