Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Lilee Cuteness & FFF

I am finally getting some quality one -on -one time with Miss Lilee, since Sara Ava is in school now. She follows me around all day long doing what ever I am doing. If I am folding clothes, she has too. If I am sitting at my vanity putting on my makeup she pulls a stool up beside me. If I am at the computer or doing dishes here she comes with that stool. It is sooo funny because she has never done this before. Her sister always played with her and she order her around. So this is all new for Lilee and I. But I LOVE EVERY Minute of it too!

I will start to home school her (pre-school) after Labor day. She is so smart and loves to learn , she is a fast learner too!

The picture above shows you a new face that she has been making when she gets really tickled. The first time I saw this face was when I played the Cheeseburger song from Veggie Tales. She absolutely thinks that song is a hoot! She is always asking me to play the Hamburger song (that is what she calls it). So, the other night I finally caught this face on camera while she was getting ready for bed. I asked her did she want to go eat at Sticky Fingers for lunch the next day and she thought I said "Stinky Fingers." Silly girl!!!! She thought that was hilarious!

Another cute Lilee story .....
We were in CVS the other day to pick up my pictures and she wanted to look at them. All of the sudden she screams out "There's My Home Dog!" I asked her who her home dog was and she said, "Jordan!!". I said ,"why is Jordan you home dog" and she replied ,"because he made me his." Well.....OK then!

Then yesterday Lilee was in the kitchen while Jordan was coming in the house from Cross Country and she yells out " here comes my home dog." All EXCITED!!!! Sara Ava thought that was soooo funny! So I guess you all can tell how much she loves her big brother!!!

Lilee is quite the funny little girl and loves to laugh. She can make her brother Josiah cackle he laughs so hard at her!


aamayna said...

What a riot! I love a girl with personality! She is such a cutie to boot!!

Rhonda said...

What a hoot! What a smartie little girl!!!

jodi said...

she is so cute! and its great that she is so silly and funny.

Nana said...

Silly, silly, Lilee! I'm so glad you
are such a happy, funny girl. You are precious.
Love ya bunches, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

The Hardy Family said...

It sounds like you and Lilee are having some fun times together just the 2 of you!! I love the little stories about her! Too cute!