Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Running Shoes

Here are my (much needed) new running shoes. Sooo....... what do you think? Aren't they just the cutest! After my sole fell of my last pair ( that were almost 9 yrs old ), I was in need of a new pair. I was not happy about it either because my last pair were soooo comfy and plus we really did not need to be spending the money! So How did I get these??

Well .....after saving money from groceries for a couple of weeks (from couponing), I had enough to buy these. I looked everywhere for 3 weeks until I finally found a pair that was comfortable enough and that I loved! I was giving up hope there for a while, because all the running shoes I was trying on were not comfortable at all.

When I found these they were on sale for $59.95 (from $92). But then I realized they were kids. ugh. They had a chart beside them that showed the size of children's and women's and I found out that I can were a 6 in kids. (I wear a 7.5 in Nike's, the womens were $95 - $130.) Plus.... they were the most comfortable shoes that I had tried on!

I have been running in them for a few weeks now and I love them, plus my knee and ankle do not hurt anymore while I run! Ya!!! The shocks give a lot of spring and absorb the jolt while running. I never feel my heels touch the ground.

Here is a little visual for ya....... Karlton always tells me I look like a little bunny hopping down the road. Well at least he did not say a dog, horse , or a cow. At least bunnies are cute! Right?!Ha! Ha!


jodi said...

they are cute!! I love being able to buy kids shoes they are soooooo much cheaper!

aamayna said...

Love them! I think I am heading out for new ones today too! I have been running in the same shoes for too many years now and the cushion is gone!!

Mom said...

Those are the cutest shoes. Glad ya
found some that work and you like.
Happy running!
Oh, and Happy Birthday, Tomorrow,
Monday August 31.
We love you so much!
Mom, Dad & Caleb

Kris said...

Hey Sis,
Hope you have a Great Birthday!
Kris (and the gang)

LouLou said...

You're never supposed to run in shoes for longer than 6 months TOPS...or 500 miles whichever comes first... I have had like 8 pairs of Nike Air Max Structure Triax... Those are the ONLY shoes I will run in... I've tried other brands, but I'm a Nike girl! Tell Karlton to video you bunny hopping!

Rhonda said...

Very very cute. Never thought to buy kids ones! Great idea.