Friday, August 14, 2009

Josiah's First Day Of Middle School

Josiah went to his first day of Middle School today. He was pretty excited. Only the 6th graders went today so they could get a good feel of the school, changing classes, and learning to use their locks for their lockers before the 7th and 8th graders come on Monday. Siah was really pumped up about his first day, but....... today was called fun day. I bet when next week rolls around he changes his mind. He is the underdog at the school this year and his big brother (Jordan) is the big dog being in the 8th grade. I am not to thrilled to have two hormonal boys in Middle School!
Last year they were offering a new program for this year for an all gender class. Josiah at the time begged me to sign him up. I wasn't real sure about it because Josiah gets to cocky and feeds on other boys. The girls keep him in check and ........he does a lot better around girls. So when he was excepted into the all boys class this year he is not to happy. He misses all the girls! LOL! If his teachers ever had any trouble with Josiah talking they would put him at an all girls table and he would do great the rest of the year. The only bad to that was I had to hear of a new girlfriend every single week.
Just so you know he already made a new one today. GREAT HUH!!!! ?????
Y'all just pray for me! There are lots of hormone flying in this house and I don't just mean with/about the girls. We are in full fledged attitudes and male testosterone,fights and mouth. I always heard that boys are easier, well they never stepped into the Shrum house of boys. Whew! Glad I am a girl! And I am happy to have two little girls here on my side, I would have been in trouble with out them! Ha!


Nana said...

Siah, you're looking pretty sharp
there all dressed up for Middle
Word of advice: (You have plenty
of time for girls in a few years.)
Learn some neat stuff (Do they say
"neat" now?) Anyway learn some things that will stay with you and maybe you'll be good at later. Get really good at it,too. Like guitar. Do they teach that in Middle School?
You can get rich playing guitar and
the girls love that.
Remember that I have a guitar here for you. Maybe Dad will let you practice in his man den.
I'm glad you had a good day. Hope you have a great year. Work hard on
getting good grades. They bring good rewards!
Love ya bunches, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Terri said...

What a handsome young man you have!

jodi said...

thats SO great they let the 6th graders come in and get aquainted first. i'm sure it takes the edge off the awkwardness.
I think its all even ground once they get to be teenagers, they just get hormonal and attitude-y over different things! luckily the rest of your kids are spread out a little to give you time to recover : )
praying for ya sis!

Jenny said...

I hope he had a great first day of school