Saturday, August 1, 2009


Remember this blurry picture I asked you all to guess how much you thought I spent after all my deals and Coupons???? Well..... Jenny you were the closest with the $7 guess. The ANSWER is ...................... $2.30. YES, that is right people. SEE WHY IT PAYS TO USE YOUR COUPONS!! Now do you all want to start couponing and saving money! I did not add up all the money I saved, wish I had.

Now for today's deals. Josiah and I had to make a run to Wal-mart (on a SAT. UGGGGH!) to return some items that we did not need for school and another item. We received $8.07 back , but then we bought the EXPO dry erase markers and the highlighters.

Here is the total cost after 3 coupons:

~ 2 pks. EXPO dry erase markers $1.50 ea. ($3.00)
- 2 $1 off coupons
~ 2 pks. BIC highlighters 0.49 cents ea. ($0.98)
- $1 /2 coupon

Grand Total:
$1.30 (I guess I had to pay the total tax)
SAVED: $3.00

Here is what we bought at Bi-Lo:
1 gallon of milk
1/2 gallon of choc. milk
1 candy bar
1 bottle of cascade dishwasher detergent agent
4 boxes of totino pizza rolls

Total Cost: $0.58
SAVED: $18.07 that is a 96.5 % savings!

I actually made money today. I took back the left over school supplies that we did not need at $8.07 and then spent $1.88 Wal-mart and Bi-Lo. So, it did pay me to brave Wal-mart on a Sat.!

Next up is school shopping post........ Hope you all enjoy my money saving shopping adventures and I am not boring you to badly! Most importantly I hope I am encouraging you! :)


Terri said...

Two questions...

Were do you find all these coupons???
I have never seen coupons for bananas! Did you use a coupon for them as well?

Mary Ann said...

Hey Terri, I get them off the internet and the Sun. paper, which I buy 2 of every week now. Yes, I found an in-store coupon on the boxes of cereal that said if I bought a box of this cereal then I got $2 off any produce. Cool huh! It happened to be one of the cereals that were buy one get one free and I had coupons for them 2. I go to for all my info. But I found the one for the produce on my own! I ended up only paying .30 for the bananas.

Terri said...

Awwwww, very clever!!!! Your Good!!!!

Melinda said...

Hey Mary Ann! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice compliment! To answer your question, I use a Nikon D60 with the kit lens. Hope you have a great weekend!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh I love it! I just sent hubby out this weekend to get a Sunday paper and will be clipping my coupons soon. Our food bill has shot thru the roof. We must do something!

I still haven't figured out how to get coupons online for these products yet.

You go girl!