Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cheap Summer Fun and Cheap Toys

On Mondays I have been taking the kids (4 of them ) to the movies about 50 min from where we live. Mondays their movies are only .50 cents if you have more then 3 people. So all 5 of us get in for $2.50. We have been to see Hannah Montana, The 2nd Night of the Museum, and this week we plan to see Imagine That. We bring our drink in and I buy a refillable large popcorn for $6.50. So for $9.00 , 5 of us get to go see a really cute movie and beat the heat. That is less then $2.00 per person. I also make the most out of my drive up there. I consign with a children's clothing store about 5 min. away, so I take a load up every week of things the kids have grown out of. Also, the good school supply places are around it too so we have gotten a lot of great deals on school supplies. This is our last week for the movies because Josiah starts middle school on Friday and the other 3 kids start school the next Monday. It will just be me and Lilee everyday until 2pm. YA! Now I can get caught up on all my painting projects.

We have gotten some really great toy buys at Target over the last few weeks. Most of them were 75% off or more. So I already have a small head start for Christmas. Yes people that time of the year is coming quickly! Here are some of the buys we got.

~ Cranium for adults org. $28.89 - was $7.22 - I paid $2.22
(I had a $5 off coupons so it made it $2.22)

~ I Carly board game org. $11.99 - I paid $2.98

~ Rousers MP3 Electronic Dog Clock Radio 0rg. $19.99 - I paid $ 4.98

~ I Dog MP3 Electronic Dog org. $15.48 - I paid $3.72

~ Geo Tracks org. 16.99 - I paid $4.24

~ Teck Deck Tony Hawk Ramp w/ skateboard org. $19.99 - I paid $4.24

~ Teck Deck Skate Board org. $3.99- I paid $1.24

~ Monopoly Deal Card Game org. $5.99- I got it Free
(I have a $5 off coupons)

Total original cost of toys $117.32

I PAID $ 24.36 (for 8 toys)

= 5 Christmas gifts


Rhonda said...

What fun and what amazing great deals you got. Our target hasn't been quite that great yet, hoping it gets some more mark downs. It's amazing how quickly Christmas always gets here each year! Love that you got all the 5.00 off coupons. Did you get those online?
Happy weekend, Rhonda

Mary Ann said...

Hey Rhonda, I found those coupons over at under targets coupons. Hope you can snag you a good deal!

jodi said...

i am always amazed at the great deals you get!!!