Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its Back To School Time......

Jordan and Joel started started school on Monday. Jordan is in the 8th grade this year. That means he will start High School next year!!!!!!! (Ugh!Not looking forward to that!) Joel is in the 3rd grade! Can you believe how big they are getting !?! Joel went out the door at 6:55 for school and Jordan left at 7:40. The pictures are not the greatest ..... oh well. It was too early in the morning for me to try and take a decent picture as you can tell! lol!


Lund7 said...

Handsome boys! My kids don't start til Sept. 8...way too late if you ask me! I do have one starting high school this year...YIKES!

Nana said...

Jordan and Joel, you guys look very
handsome and ready for a new school year. I can't believe how short the summer was.
Hope you have a great year and get
straight A's again this year. Reach
for the stars and do your best at
everything. Learn all kinds of good
stuff to use all through your life.
(Hint, hint- join something to teach you music. (my fav thing-ya know.)
Love ya bunches, xxoxoxoxoxoxox

Rhonda said...

very handsome boys! It's amazing just how quickly time flies by!

Terri said...

So handsome!

jodi said...

they are growing up so fast (and handsome)!!! I can't believe they start so early. i swear they are making the summers shorter and shorter!