Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Fun Summer Treat

Watermelon Bomb

I got this from my friend Jenny's blog. I would have shown you the picture of how the whole thing turned out, but.... mine wasn't as pretty. I know how to make it now and I know what I will do differently next time. This is kind of an expensive dessert to make ( it cost me around $10 because I did not have any of the ingredients already) , but it is soooo yummy and worth it. When you are finished it will look like a half of a watermelon.

There are only 4 ingredients:
~ Pint of Lime Sherbet
~ Pint. of Raspberry Sherbet
~ 1 Pint. or qt. of Vanilla Ice Cream
~ 1/2 cup of miniature Chocolate Chips ( or add as much as you desire)

You will need a bowl big enough that all the ingredients will fit in ,and a bowl that will nest in it.

1. First set the Lime Sherbet out to thaw for about 15 min. ,then put it into your largest bowl.
Try to spread it up the side with a large spoon. Then Take the nesting bowl and press down on the sherbet to get it spread out more evenly. Then put in the freezer until it hardens. 30-60 min.

2.Next repeat the same step with the Vanilla Ice cream.

3. Then mix your Choc. Chips in with your Raspberry Sherbet . Let the Rasp. sit out too before you do, it will stir in a lot easier. Then poor into the middle of the vanilla. Shape it up with the spoon and put it back in to the freezer for at least 8 hrs.

4. To get this out of the bowl let it thaw for a few minutes. Then Flip it over on a Plate. If it has a hard time coming out after a few thumps then you can use a hairdryer to warms the out side of the bowl up.

5. Then cut into it and enjoy!

My FAV. flavors are the Rasp. and Choc. together!!! Yummmm!!!! ALL the kids loved it!


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you all liked it!!!! It looks delicious!!! Great job!!!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Jenny!

Rhonda said...

oh yummy, this looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome thanks for sharing! I got biggest kick out of seeing this. Also your girls are gorgeous. Love the bow pictures.