Tuesday, August 4, 2009

School Shoes

People do you know how much it cost to get 4 kids ready for back to school ???! A LOT! Man the list and supplies not to mention all the uniforms, clothes, and shoes never end! This is the first yr. that I have 4 in school, since Sara Ava starts Kindergarten.... Waaaa!
Here was my thought; I thought it would cost me around $100-$125 to buy 4 pair of tennis shoes, ON SALE. I have 2 that are in middle school this year so you know that it is hard to please teenagers and they have to have the best , most expensive!!!!!
I found these shoes at a few different stores on sale. I picked Joel's and Jordan up and brought them home hoping they would fit and like them, but knowing I would be bringing Jordan's back because he is so picky! But he loved them! They passed the teenager test .... Ya!!!
My Goal was to only spend $80. How do you think I did??? How much do you think I spent for all 4 pr. of shoes. Here is a little help to know what the shoes are and the original cost.
1. Jordan's Nike's - org. cost $54.99
2. Josiah's Asics - org. cost $45.99
3. Joel's La Gear's - org. cost $29.99
4. Sara Ava's Hannah Montana's- org. cost $16.99 ( she picked these out by herself.)
ORIGINAL TOTAL COST - $ 147.96 before tax.


Vanessa said...


Heather said...

I'm gonna guess $65 and then let you go shoe shopping for my family if I'm right! :)

Terri said...

I'll guess $45. Only because I know you get things crazy cheap!!!

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