Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List

First of all I really want to thank everyone for praying for us! We truly can feel it!

We have a praise report..... Our land has been showing really well! I think it has been shown 3 times in the last week, that is really good with this market right now. Everyone who see it loves it!!! But we just need that one person to buy it....

Here are the prayer request for this week:

~ Jodi asks prayer for her friend who has been trying to get pregnant for a while now and is pregnant with twins. Pray for the safety and health of the babies and mother throughout the pregnancy.

~ Jodi also asks prayer for her parents church who is waiting upon an important report for their church.

~ My sister Kristine is having problems again with an infection in her C-section from where she had her baby 8 weeks ago. She may be going back in the hospital again this week.

~ Please remember to pray for Karlton to have plenty of work! He has been working almost everyday, but we are still no where were we need to be.

~ Last but not least we need to get rid of that land/garage in order to pay off a lot or all of Karlton's business debts.


Rhonda said...

Sending many prayers my friend, Rhonda

Jenny said...

Praying for you my friend!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the watermelon dessert!!! I can't wait to hear how it turns out!!!

jodi said...

thanks for all the prayers everyone. updating my requests.
-my friends that are pregnant are concerned for one of the babies as it does not seem to be growing anymore. the other one seems to be doing great though. please keep praying for them and the babies. for health and acceptance of whatever happens.
-my mom and dad's church received the report from all of the interviews and he has recommended a mediator for a few of the members and the pastor. this comes up for a vote in 3 weeks. One of the couples causing trouble has gone to another church (or at least stopped going to mom and dads church) please continue to pray for conflict resolution and that God will open the hearts of the people that are causing so much strife so this can be resolved (or that they go to another church where they will be happier).