Monday, December 29, 2008

Come See What The Lord Has Done!

"Come see what the Lord has done , how awesome is his works in man's behalf! "(Psalms 66:5)

Check out our themometer on our side bar. In Oct. we still owed $4,000 on our adoption credit card. I felt the Lord telling me that I needed to start praying fervently to get this paid off before Christmas. Even though we did not get it paid off before Christmas ; after we had a Rummage Sale, the Wii Raffle, a few donations, and 3 payments we got a huge chunck of it paid off! $2,240 to be exact!PRAISE JESUS!!!! That is still hard for me to imagine! But to God that is nothing!!

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The Prayer Request Side

We still owe $1,760 .Will you please keep praying with us that we will get this paid off soon! I do not know how or where the money will come from, only God does! Someone once told me to pray for a check to come in the mail and I did for many months and one day we had a check in the mail box from Shoahannah's Hope to help us continue Lilee's adoption. So I guess I should start praying again , that a check will come in exactly the amounted needed to finish paying off this credit card. I am faithfully praying that it will come soon , so we will have one less burden to worry about!

I know alot of you have asked about the adoption tax credit at the end of the year. We can not get that because we have to many dependants for the amount of taxes we pay in each year. (Meaning we do make enough money!) We were depending on that money with Sara Ava once she was home to help pay on the huge amount we still owed from her adoption , when we found out we would not be getting of that money(which would of been Almost 11,000 per child) I was sick! When I stepped foot out of the tax place that day I felt like I had just been kicked in the stomach and was about to throw up. So that is why we have been doing all these fundraisers after the girls have been home for more then 2 years (Sara Ava) and a year (Lilee). The Lord told us not to worry and that He would provide for us, and He has!

Will you continue to pray with us that God will send us a check for the amount needed to pay this adoption credit card off? Thank You All for the prayers thus far, they certainly have been working!

With times like they are and the economy like it is that extra payment monthly would be very helpful for us to feed 5 growing out of clothes and grocery eating kids. For some reason we can not keep enough food in this house! Hee Hee!!! You would think that I never went to the grocery store, Bad mommy! :0)

Thank You all so much for taking the time to read my harpings!

"And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Roman 8:28)

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Judi and Elaina said...

Mary Ann-your FAITH is amazing!!! God will provide for you and your beautiful Family!!! Hugs, Judi