Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update On Josiah

Josiah got his cast off yesterday. The Dr. was going to put him in an aircast but his foot looked so good that he only has to wrap it. YAY!!! But, the other foot he hurt looks horrible. At first when I took him they said it was not broken but when the Dr. checked it he said ," the 2 end toes were broken. " Having broken toes before myself , I knew this. This foot is still really discolored and it has been a few weeks. He is still in alot of pain but they can not do anything for toes other then wrap them and they gave him a special show to wear.

And now We have a sick one. Joel woke up with a fever this morning and has a horrible bark. He has asthma so It sounds like he has a flare up , he has lost his voice too! Now he and I will have to miss Christmas at Karlton's Dad's side of the family tonight. Bummer! What a time of the year to be sick!


Nana said...

Siah, you are so brave. I hope your other foot gets well very,very soon and you're running around having fun like a boy should be able to.
Love ya lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua said...

ahhh hope he gets better soon:)

Rhonda said...

wow, Joel sounds like I do! I'm just starting to get my voice back slowly today. Had to use the maxaire inhaler this time. so glad to hear that Josiah's foot is doing better!

Nana said...

Joel, Hope you feel much better today!
Kids, be looking for that jolly old fat Santa to bring your presents tonight.
Love ya lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nana, Pawpaw & Boo

Merry Christmas to all!