Saturday, December 20, 2008

Karlton's B/D Evening.....

We ate at Nakato's (Japanese Steak House) last night for Karlton's B/D dinner. His mom and step dad joined us. We had a very entertaining and funny chef. He was great with the kids. Josiah and I thinks he sounded just like Jackie Chan.

He had the kids attention the whole time doing all kinds of tricks for them. He was very good!
Boy when he lit the Volcano onion on fire you should have seen their faces!

This was Lilee the entire meal. She never moved or made a peep.

Sara Ava either.

The boys enjoying their food with their chop sticks.

Then we came home to have cake. This is the cupcake (cake) the girls picked out for their daddy. Not Happy Birthday but it was sure yummy!

Happy 37 Karlton, now make a wish and blow out your candles!


Jenny said...

I love Nakato's! It's where we always celebrate birthdays too! Love the cake too! Cute!

Ferrick said...

Goodness, I had a lot of catching up to do on you. Your house looks GREAT! Now all you need is the foot of snow we have here and 6 more inches are on the way. We have one of those Japanese restaurants here as well, its so much fun to do with a family. Merry Christmas MaryAnn, Susie

Rhonda said...

How fun and how yummy!!!!! Looks like a great time and yummy cake too!