Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Home Made Christmas

Josiah and I made over 200 Christmas goodies for Christmas gifts this year. Jordan helped a little too. We spent the last 2 days making all these edible gifts. I also made Calendars (with our family's pictures in them) for gifts. I am getting to the point of gifts should be from the heart and what way is better then giving someone your time. I consider home made gifts giving someone your time. Alot of love went into these goodies!!!

We made sugar, oatmeal, peanut butter kisses, no bake, and oreo truffles.



Nana said...

Looking at those Christmas goodies makes my mouth water. Good job guys. That was great practice for Chef Josiah. Can't wait til his cookbook comes out and he's famous.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and everyone is healthy and their boo boos feel better.
Love you lots!!!!!!!!!!
Nana, Pawpaw & Caleb

Joshua said...

WOW- they are all so beautiful. I can not bake. They look great!! WOW

Rhonda said...

OH MY GOSH, yummy yummy yummy.....Those look totally awesome! Way to go.