Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basketball, Coaching, Projects and More Projects...

This is what we have been up to lately! Karlton and I are coaching the elementary age kids basketball team at our church. This is our 3rd year doing this. We started playing at the end of Nov. Josiah and Joel are both on our team and Jordan is on the Middle School age team at our church. So we have 2 different practices a week and up to 4 games a week. These horrible,blurry pictures were taken with my old camera. I will be posting better pictures of the boys playing basketball now that I have my new camera fixed! YAY!!!

Joel is #4 in this picture. Josiah will not be able to play until after the new year. Hopefully!!!! He played the 1st quarter of the 1st game and that has been it because of plays and now his injures.

Karlton Coaching..... (I was on the bleachers cheering this game since the girls were with us.)

Josiah pre- injuries. He was in his 5th grade play the night of our first BB game. After he played 1 quarter we had to run to make his play, were he narrated.

One of Jordans projects for French. Yummy!!!! This is the first of 2 cooking projects we have had to do lately. This kid has more projects then I have ever seen. He has 2-5 projects every week! UGGGGH!

Now for some of my projects. I have been making bows for a few years now but I tried this one with Lilee's intial. Even though it is hard to see it came out really good.

A Christmas bow....

I made these ornaments for the kids over the weekend.



These are what the boys looks like(Josiah's look just like Joel's) .....

(Sara Ava's)

and these are the girls ornaments.


Hannah said...

I love the ornaments. That is a great idea. I love pink and green together so those are my favorites!!

Rhonda said...

You are soo creative. I love those bows and putting them on the ornaments are great!